• Mamako Oosuki
  • Masato Oosuki
  • Wise
  • Porta
  • Medhi
  • Shirase
  • mamako

    Mamako Oosuki

    Masato’s mother, in the flesh.
    She loves him so much that she followed him into the world of the game.
    She does more heroic deeds than Masato, the hero!

    Ai Kayano

    真々子 表情
  • 真人

    Masato Oosuki

    A high school boy whose dream came true when he was transported into a video game world.
    His dreams of adventure are ruined when his mother tags along with him.

    Haruki Ishiya

    真人 表情
  • Wise


    A teenage girl who joins Masato’s party.
    She’s a sage, who specializes in magic, but her magic is often sealed, making her useless.

    Sayumi Suzushiro

    ワイズ 表情
  • Porta


    A 12-year-old Traveling Merchant.
    The youngest member of the party, she has the important job of making Masato feel better when he’s sulking, or calming Wise down when she’s in a bad mood.

    Sayaka Harada

    ポータ 表情
  • Medhi


    A female teenage healer.
    She seems like a good girl who always listens to her mother, but actually…


    メディ 表情
  • Shirase


    The woman responsible for transporting everyone into the game world.
    She keeps the players abreast of all different kinds of information.

    Satomi Arai

    白瀬 表情